Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Information Overload: Part II

Young Hyun, CAIDA

Due to popular demand, I have put together another helping of economic information to supplement what's already on the blog. With that said, feel free to browse older posts as most are still relevant. If you find any of the information useful, share it.

Previous Blog Posts

Mike Maloney's Full Presentations on Gold & Silver *make sure you read this post*

Information Overload: Part I 

Money: What is it?

Chris Martenson's Crash Course (Economic Basics)
Outlined below is a good introduction to current economics and money. It is a little slow to start, but I encourage you to watch all of the videos. Also, note that this video series was created in 2008.

1. Three Beliefs: A short introduction,
2. The Three E's: Economy, Energy, & Environment,
3 & 4. Exponential Growth & The Power of Compounding,
5. Growth vs. Prosperity,
6. What is Money?
7. Money Creation,
8. The Fed & Money Creation (be sure to watch this one),
9. A Brief History of US Money (more on the Federal Reserve),
10. Inflation (everyone should understand this),
11. How Much is a Trillion?
12. Debt (must understand),
13. A National Failure to Save,
14. Assets & Demographics (interesting discussion about baby boomers),
15. Bubbles (housing included, also see blog posts related to Real Estate),
16. Fuzzy Numbers (fyi: government numbers are a joke),
17a. Peak Oil,
17b. Energy Economics,
17c. Energy & The Economy,
18. Environment,
19. Future Shock,

Relevant Interviews & Presentations

The mainstream media would have you believe that the economic collapse was unpredictable, however this couldn't be further from the truth. Thanks to YouTube and the internet, one can look at the track records of those who predicted the collapse and learn how they were able to do so. Reverse engineering if you will... There were a number of individuals who saw it coming, warned of it, and some even profited. Outlined below is an assortment of individuals who I'd say are in the know, be sure to check them out.

Peter Schiff: Without a doubt he has a sound understanding of how things work, especially in the economic realm. He gets it and has a track record to prove it. Period. Also see Peter Schiff's 2006 Mortgage Bankers Presentation where he predicts the housing collapse:

Jim Rogers: He's a smart guy and a commodity pro. I have the utmost respect for Jim as he's a straight shooter and tells it how it is. Check out his YouTube channel:

Gerald Celente: He's not an economic/finance guy per se, rather, he understands the full system and has an unparalleled grasp on history and the projection of human nature and events. He may seem a little off the wall at first, but he has a track record to back up his predictions. His trends journal can be found here: Also be sure to check out the top 11 trend predictions of 2011 (released in January of 2011).

Other Informational Videos

Gold: Independent Money,

Money as Debt (slightly grainy, but includes a good history),

Useful Blogs, though the information is often deep and involved, it is one of the most valuable economic/financial resources out there. I check Zerohedge every day, no exceptions., if you're the survivalist type, you'll have a fun time here...

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